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Now at 78 strong

We are very happy to welcome our newest members,   Deborah Cheatham,  Cindy Clem, Jackie Carroll, Marti Galloway, Brenda Sides, Helen Searcy, Christy Newton, Jamie Pfeifer, Helen Stepanski and Debbie Wolter, Elizabeth Acreman, Glenda Householder, Imogene (Ima) Cease, Penny Griffith, Glenda Harris, Deborah Deaton, Sherry Norris, Debi Causey, Celie Allen, Jean McGriff and Kelli Brannon.

We are taking ads for local businesses to be put in our new Directory which comes out in September 2023. If you would like to advertise or renew your advertisement please click on the link, dowload the attached form along with your business card and email it to Patsy Persons, PR Director at 

A Tribute to the Newcomers Club

Newcomers Club, you saved my life.

I was lonesome, scared and blue

I figured my friendships were all in the past.

I'd convinced myself it was true.

Then, just at low ebb, you came to me

In the form of a telephone call.

"I'm a Newcomer, too" said a friendly voice.

"And I've learned to say Y'all."

From that humble beginning, there followed

More new friends than you could believe.

But, it wasn't until I became  involved

That the fun really started for me.


Now, I's the volice on the telephone

Saying, "Welcome - we are glad you're here."

I'm an older Newcomer, you might say

And richer for both, it's clear.

Newcomers Club, hats off to you!!

May your flag be forever unfurled

To the lonely,   awed,   you'll continue   to be

Friends of friends in this moving world.

Written   by:    Kay Shrider - High Point NC  Newcomers Club

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